Group Fitness Classes

Classes are included with your Court One Membership!

Click here for a printable copy of the GroupEx schedule (PDF) in effect January 2, 2017

There are several benefits to group fitness classes. This workout method is effective in making your entire body toned and strong.

The greatest attraction to group fitness is that the classes are typically very simple, which makes getting fit accessible to everyone, fitness fanatics and beginners alike.

One benefit to group fitness is that the classes fit right into the busy lifestyles that many people today live. People are overloaded at work, busy with their families and fulfilling all of their daily obligations. No one seems to be able to find the time to give his or her body the attention that it needs to stay strong and healthy.

Group fitness classes usually meet on average about twice a week and only last from around forty-five minutes to an hour. The routines are targeted exercises that work the whole body. All it takes is two hours of group fitness a week to give your body the exercise it needs.

Another benefit to group fitness is the speed in which you see results. Anyone who commits to a fitness routine expects to get results. Now days, people expect to see those results fast or they give up all together. Fitness experts around the world agree that group fitness is one of the fastest ways to get your body in great shape.

In every group fitness session, muscle groups all over the body are targeted and strengthened systematically. The entire body gets toned all at once. The intensity of these classes makes it important to rest in between sessions. That is why the group fitness schedule of just a couple of classes each week is perfect.



Cardio Classes


Max 60
A high energy class! Max 60 utilizes step, high/low choreography, and occasional slide combinations for a great cardio workout. The class concludes with body toning and sculpting using weights, bands, tubes, and Swiss balls. All levels of fitness are welcome.
Body Blast & Pump
This class is a highly efficient cardiovascular workout. Participants will work with different patterns and combinations utilizing high-intensity, low-impact aerobic movements. An abdominal workout and stretch will follow to make the class complete. All levels of fitness are welcome.
Full Body Step
A great cardiovascular workout designed to utilize the lower-body muscles. A variety of patterns, creative combinations and movements are incorporated. Beginners are welcome to join this class. An abdominal routine and stretches are included following the cardio segment.
Cardio Kickboxing
An explosive cardio experience pulling from the essentials of Tae Kwon Do, boxing and aerobics. Jabs, upper cuts and hooks will maximize your upper body strength. Kicks (front, back, and side), jump roping, and quick strategic footwork will keep your heart pumping!
The big dance / aerobic craze! Zumba fuses hypnotic musical rhythms and tantalizing moves to create a dynamic workout system designed to be fun and easy to do.


Core Fitness


Pilates Matwork
The Pilates mat exercises enhance postural alignment, coordination, strength and flexibility. The technique uses a systematic approach, which sequences exercises according to their direction of movement. Extension movements, for example, may follow spinal extension, thereby creating muscle balance as well as balanced postural alignment. Strengthen and tone your entire body with this challenging “core body” workout taught on mats. Beginners are welcome.
Pilates Ballwork
Take your pilates practice to a new level by utilizing the wildly popular stability ball! Exercises will use the ball for added assistance or for extra leverage, but all for a great workout. Strengthen, sculpt and define your core body. See the inches peel. (Balls are provided)
Pilates Core & Weight Training
Ready, set, go! Be ready to work! The ultimate core challenge is here! Equipment is provided.




Cycle enthusiasts, are you looking for a challenge? This class will include a warm-up, 40 minutes of cycling, followed by a cool down and stretch.Basic spinning includes seated flat rides, seated and standing hills, running, jumping, sprinting. All levels of fitness are welcome. Advanced spinning utilizes all of the basics plus advanced powerful drills and challenging cycling rides. Prior spinning experience is recommended. Registration is available on a “same day” basis. *There is a $3 fee per class.  All classes are taught by certified instructors.  Please bring a water bottle. Registration for specific bikes is available at 6 PM the previous day.

Core, Strength, & Definition


Intense Cross Training
Major muscles will be trained in this class. Muscle strength and endurance will be improved using free weight exercises and occasional use of bands and tubes. All fitness levels are welcome.
Stretch and Strengthen
The class aims to improve flexibility, posture, and balance by emphasizing strength of the core and pelvic musculature. Participants will also learn how to exercise the feet to improve their function. All ages and fitness levels welcome.


Aqua Fitness Programs

Aqua FitWoman in water with dumbbelsness

A great class to get you moving in the morning. Join us in the pool for a low impact 60-minute workout that gets your heart pumping. This class is for both swimmers and non-swimmers. Participants will move through a cardiovascular workout adding in strengthening, flexibility, and abdominal exercises. A great way to cross train and make new friends.

 Cardio-Resistance H2O

Men and women alike will be sweating to the high intensity, non-choreographed cardio workout in this aquatic class. Enjoy the benefits of water while working on cardiovascular endurance and strength training.

Aqua Boot Camp

This course offers another way to meet the fitness needs of the water exercise enthusiast. No fluff, no frill, just skills and drills. This course is perfect for males, females and all who are choreography challenged. The properties of water will be used to help achieve an excellent workout. Aerobic and strength training exercises will be utilized, including hopping, jumping, leaping, sprinting, as well as speed, power, balance, hand-eye coordination and explosion drills.